pa pa pa party party serebureishon

see you in 10 days!!

I’m going on vacations with my family so I won’t be active until the 28th!! my birthday is this 20th so I’ll come back being 21~~~

I’ll miss you guys, bye-byeee >3<

  1. thisgoesbefore said: ahh how didn’t I see this until now, happy birthday Arche and have fun!!
  2. the-dark-lord-pusheen said: nooooooooo rceuerdo la ultima ves que esto pasó ;A; bye arche
  3. astrangedoor said: HAVE FUN AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE ♥♥♥
  4. skyron said: happy holydays and happy birthday and happy everything!
  5. avepalta said: I LOVE YOU, JAJA <3
  6. zanreosauce said: see yaaaa! :D and happy birthday!
  7. elrincondedainaro said: :)
  8. aziral said: bye bye arche sweetie!!! have lots of fun okay ;v;
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